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Amabie is merman-like creature with three legs. It is one of yokai, popularised supernatural spirits in Japanese folklore.

Its oldest reference is kawaraban print dated in 1846 (Koka 3) at the end of Edo period.


所之役人行見るに づのごとく者現す 

私は海中に住 アマビヱと申す者也

當年より6カ年の間 諸国豊作也

併病流行 早々私を写し 人々に見せ候えと申して


右写し候 役人より江戸に申し来たる写し也

Something lighten appears every evening, in Higo province.

Officer went and confirmed that someone like this picture appears.

"I am Amabie, living in the sea. From this year for 6 years, you will have good harvest in many prinvinces. At the same time, you will be visit by plague. You copy my picture sooner and show it to people.", said Amabie, and he went back to the sea.

The following picture is its copy of the officer's messenger coming to Edo.

Now we can find many amabie pictures with hashtug #amabiechallenge

The ministry of Health used its image to Stop Kansen Kakudai Covid-19 campaign.

Amabie is one of form of visiting gods in Japanese folklore. Supernatural sprits come from another world, which is represented by sea, ocean, forest, and mountain.

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