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Ikutama matsuri canceled

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Ikutama matsuri is one of three biggest summer festival in Osaka.

It is annual summer festival of Ikukunitama jinja shrine and is held for warding off epidemic. Unfortunately, it is canceled this year because of Covid-19 (July 11th-12th 2020).

At the right side of the picture, you see big straw cercle called chi no wa. The end of June is the end of first half year of shinto calendar (it divines one year into two. Means, one year is counted like two years.) At the end of year, you have to purify yourself to welcome new (half) year. Chi no wa kuguri is ritual on June 30th (depends on the shrine). Once you pass through while reciting the ritualised text harai kotoba (harae tamae, kiyome tamae, mamori tamae, sakiwae tamae).

According to the explanation made by Hakone jinja shrine, the manner is following.

1) Stand in front of the cercle and bow.

2) Pass the cercle and turn around the left side of cercle.

3) Same thing for right side.

4) Again left side.

During the ceremony, mikoshi (portable shrines) passe through it. (Actually they are moved all around the field of shrine). It may have given rule or given turn.

I lost my data (pictures and videos) by accident. I cannot introduce mine but there are many videos on youtube.

This was the most surprising and exciting, among summer festivals I participated (or watched). The percussion is called makura daiko. Boys play drums. What is most surprinsing is they can keep rythme and speed no matter how adults carry the platform!

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