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Lion Dance of Shirano in Yamanashi 2

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Lion dance is one of popular performing arts in westside of Yamanashi prefecture. In this post, I will introduce musical instruments of the lion dance transmitted in Shirano district of Sasago town in Otsuki city.

Above, two types of drums attached to the wooden stand. The one at the top of the center is byōuchi daiko, two heads are nailed to the body. This is the most popular drum for folkloric dance in Japan. At the right, there are another type of drum, called shime-daiko. Two heads are stretched by rope.

Only one percussionnist beats drums by two drum sticks.

Their flute is bamboo flute called shinobue. It is also typical instrument for folkloric dances or theaters. There are seven holes. The average size of shinobue is between 30cm to 50cm.

Their troupe is conssited 1 percussionnist, 1 flusits, 3 singers and 1 dancer.

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