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What is Kagura

Kagura is Japanese ritual dance devoted to the Shinto gods. 

In Shintoism is based on animism and polytheism. You consider every natural object have their own soul. This is Shinto god. This soul, like human beings, has feelings. When it is well treated, it becomes kind to help us. This is why, perishes entertain gods with delicious cheer, alcohol, and also their dance so that their wishes will come true thanks to the supernatural power of gods.

Naturally, dance gives perishes pleasure. They have up-to-dated their performance with the time, by taking several genres of dances and theatres into their repertoire. 

Nowadays, kagura dance can be lion dance like the picture at left, young priestess dance, shamanic technic of possession, and funny theatre. 

This website is for introducing such a ritual dance to help you to discover such a hidden Japanese dances... 

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