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Heart sutra vocaloid version

My family is belong to Soto-shu This is one of three zen sects of Kamakura period (13th century).

The Heart Sutra is my most familiar sutra. Even I would say that it is my rule of life.

One day I found its contemporary Japanese traduction. Not the formal one but frank version.

In general, the most famous sutras are Chinese translation read in Japanese way. It doesn't make sense just by reading. You need to learn the meaning.

Well, as a young researcher, I know the power of action in socio-religious context. When people don't know the meaning, it can possess much more (politico-religious) power.

However, it had better to know meaning in contemporary way of speaking when you would like to make it use in your daily life.

If you speak Japanese, here you have contemporary Japanese translation.

Hatsune Miku (vocalid) version of lecture. Well, I prefer this than scary low voice which I have heard every morning from my neighbour Buddhist temple...if I have to hear in the dark...

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