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Sina Fallazadeh - MANIFESTE 2019

Sina Fallazadeh is Iranian young composer based in Paris. He start musical practice by piano in his country and got his first master in Piano performance at Tehran University of Arts. After, he came to France and started to study both in conservatory and university. At CRR de Paris, he got his diploma in composition, and at University of Paris IV, he got his second Master in music and musicology. After he god one year academic year in Geneva, was again back to Paris to study in IrCam. Nor he is Ph. D candidate of Sorbonne University.

This is only my image, but people prefer 18th century opera to contemporary vocal work to hear. If it is bel canto, there is a solid style and as long as you know it the "right style", you're never wrong whatever you comment/feel on it. At the other hand, the contemporary music is freestyle, you never know if the performer is out of tune or he is serious to play. The audience has no crue to the correct answer, but he is free to feel in his own way.

When it comes to musical creation, perform/composing freely does never mean to act totally out of rule. Actually, if you don't know very well about the musical tradition and theory, you can never play ad libitum. There is always solid knowledge. Sina Fallazadeh has proficiency to share his idea as sound/spatial experience of audiences.

His work, inspired by Girgamesh epic will be performed in June 12th 2019 at Pompidou center during Manifeste 2019.

Yes, of course, the composition and the ethnomusicological analysis is totally opposite; one is creation, another is reading of one's creation. However, ethnomusicological approach is very closed to the contemporary one at the point we both consider that existing instrumental music is not only musical sound.

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